Accurate HIV Home Testing Kit


Since HIV test is now regarded as a common procedure, many test procedures or kits are developed to give more practical procedures while increasing the accuracy of result. HIV home testing kits are non-invasive and commonly used for testing antibodies and HIV-1. These kits usually only involve taking some drops of blood, oral fluid from gums or the inside part of cheeks, and urine. Each kit has laboratory address in which you can send your result, and the result is sent through mail, e-mail, or by phone. Some pharmacy companies have released several versions of STD home testing kits. Examples of popular products in USA are cvs STD testing kit products, including Home Access HIV Testing Kit Express.

The product

The only home test kit that has FDA standard, Home Access HIV Testing Kit Express is used to detect HIV-1. This testing kit consists of pamphlets with general information about HIV, alcohol pad, gauze pad, bandage, blood sample card, and lancets.

The using

This kit requires the user to take samples of blood drops from his or her fingertip, dab the blood on the sample card, and just mail it to the available shipping address. Due to the accuracy, easy-to-do instructions and confidential nature, Home Access HIV Testing Kit Express has become one of the most popular products among many lines of STD home testing kits, including cvs STD testing kit products.

The aftermath

The result of Home Access HIV Testing Kit Express is usually out in a day, and it is usually delivered by phone from the responsible laboratory to guarantee the confidentiality. If the result is positive, consultation is usually done also by phone. Users are also free from the hassles of shipping, because the test kit also comes with cardboard envelope and mail envelope.

Important notice

Like any other cvs STD testing kit product ranges, this home testing kit must be used along with the user’s recent clinical status, disease history, and risk factors such as the user’s sexual behaviors, previous blood transfusion experiences, or contact with the blood of supposedly infected person.

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