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Herpes present many forms of symptoms depending on the person, their activities and also their immune system. This results also in different stages of herpes if in fact the person is infected by it. Until today it is not possible to run tests alone without the assistance of professional care and procedures. They need to be tested in a lab or at the hospital in order to acquire for the results. This then would also need specific treatment for the specific area it is infected. However innovations of today have made it possible for us to prevent having to leave the house to run tests. They can be done online!

At home Herpes Test CVS here are the things you will get and what you will do. To start off with, a blood sample is needed. A single tube will need to be examined by the team. This will ask for around three days or less before you can have the results back. If the situation calls for it a doctor may call after the results are received. Helping people get tested for herpes and STD is what the team does and focuses on. They offer you convenience and most of all the sense of security. However, unfortunately, until now CVS don’t have Over the counter Herpes STD Test yet. To get Herpes Tested anonymously and confidentially, you can use Online Herpes test service like STD Test Express (read review here) and collect samples from your home.

Arrange an appointment online to have your blood tested and see the doctors that will be taking care of you. There is always a chance a person may have been infected with STDs and herpes therefore being prepared and preventive is important. Should you have a question the team is more than happy to make sure that you are guided as they are online throughout the day and night making 24/7 service possible. With private clinics located everywhere, name your address and be directed to the nearest clinic to your home. As easy as that, you can have yourself tested.

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