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No matter what the result tells you, walking in to a clinic to get tested for STDs is a shameful thing. Most people avoid such thing as they are afraid of bumping into someone they know when having this screening test for sexually transmitted diseases. Even though the test gives clear and negative result, the stigma of getting STD test is still negative.

Despite the negative image that STD test has, having this test is important for singles. Don’t think on the negative side as knowing you are clean and healthy is important. It gives assurance for yourself. Afterall, it certainly gives such a boost to your confidence knowing that you are healthy and free from STD and ready to go on dates.

However, there are times when you have signs or symptoms for STD. It can only be mild stinging sensation when urinating or swollen testicle on men or vaginal bleeding between periods for women, but these symptoms can still give you such heavy thought. Nobody wants to suffer from STDs anyway. Then, how you can assure yourself that you are free from those diseases?

Is there any Gonorrhea home test at CVS?

Unfortunately, there are no Gonorrhea home test kit on CVS or walgreens. We recommend you to take Gonnorrhea home STD test at STD test express (or click here to read review) the leading online STD test that can help you get Gonorrhea tested anonymously. However, if you don’t want to use online STD test, you can check yourself whether you are infected or not.

The Symptoms of Gonorrhea

First, you need to know the common symptoms of gonorrhea. As these symptoms can be very common, many people neglect it and don’t get medical treatment untill the disease becomes severe.

Burning sensation when peeing becomes the first symptom of gonorrhea.

Then, men often suffer from swollen testicle, while women suffer from bleeding in time between periods.

Another symptom is men having white, yellow or slightly green discharge from the penis, while women having an increase on vaginal discharge.

If you are having one of those symptoms, then you may need to get yourself online STD test and run this screening test. It should be easy as STD test express home test kit is designed for personal use.

The test uses samples that you can collect by yourself. Then, you just need to follow the procedure written on the instruction.

Having gonorrhea test at home gives you total comfort as you don’t have to deal with the weird faces of people knowing you go to a clinic for gonorrhea test. It helps you to stay safe and if the result shows positive result, you’d be able to get immediate help.

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