Is there any Gonorrhea test kit at Rite Aid?

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Everything you should know about Gonorrhea test kit at rite aid

Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease (STD). People often afraid about sexually transmitted infections (STIs) to discuss. Unsafe sex or condoms breaks may lead to sexually infected intercourses.

You can have Gonorrhea infection test to diagnose the problems. The test is simple and quick. You can even order for Gonorrhea test kit at rite aid and ensure your fitness. However, until this article written, there was no Gonorrhea test kit provided in Rite Aid, CVS or even Walgreens. You should get test in on lab for accurate result, and we recommend you to take at home STD test from STDTestExpress when you can get confidential STD Test Online and get tested in nearby lab anonymously. Learn more about STD Test Express here and get Special Discount

How do Gonorrhea infections occur?

Gonorrhea is caused by the bacterium Neisseria Gonorrhoeae. If Gonorrhea infection is left untreated, then it will spread throughout the body and affect bone joints, heart valves. This can also harm your mouth, throat and eyes. When partners have sex, they enjoy the moment. It is your duty to have proper sex.

Symptoms of Gonorrhea infections:


People usually do not have any symptoms for Gonorrhea infections. Some of the symptoms you may find:

  • Painful vaginal discharge
  • Lower abdominal pain
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Burning sensation during urination

People may find Gonorrhea of the throat after having oral sex. This can be transmitted from an infected person to normal person during sexual activities. In many cases of Gonorrhea infections, people feel tiredness. These symptoms are often appearing between 4 – 6days after intercourse. People usually neglect or overlook its mild effect.

How does Gonorrhea infection spread?

Gonorrhea infections are spread from person to person through sexual activities. Gays have a higher risk of getting infected from Gonorrhea than lesbian partners. If women have Gonorrhea infections, then she can pass it to her unborn baby. Pregnant women can transmit the infection to her newborn child.

It is better to diagnose regularly. You can even buy or order Gonorrhea test kit at rite aid to have a test. Urine culture is done to determine Gonorrhea infections. If a person is tested positive, then other tests like Chlamydia, HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) are recommended.

How to prepare for Gonorrhea test?


A woman should avoid vaginal creams and other medicines within the next 24 hours of the test. It will be helpful to determine Gonorrhea and other STDs effectively.

Urine culture is often done, so avoid urinating for at least an hour before STDs test. It is also recommended to drink water wisely within this hour.

People should avoid all the sexual activities from performing. The test results can be found within the next 3 – 5 days. You can take Gonorrhea test kit at rite aid for home services.

How to have Gonorrhea test comfortably?

Most of the people do not discuss sexual activities. This may lead to the long-term effect of STDs. If you have any doubt and afraid of going to meet doctors then, find the nearest lab to deliver your sample.

You can search online for fast help. Many labs provide you the full procedure of the test and advisory services to ensure your health benefits. You can visit to have a quick and easy testing experience. The test results are confidential and uploaded in the lab account. The patient can easily login and check their test results.

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