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The Home Herpes Test from Walgreens

If you have never been tested for STDs or herpes before and you are in a productive age, it is very important that you do so. In many cases the symptoms of these health issues do not present until a late stage depending on the person affected by it. In many other cases however they… Read More »


Speaking about CVS STD test, the first thing we should do is to know how much it will cost.  There are typical costs that you should know when doing this kind of CVS STD test. Those who have health insurance, they can do the test without any charge. The other case is when you don’t… Read More »

At home syphilis Test CVS

Syphilis is a virus that infects and spreads mostly through intercourse. One may have them without any idea therefore spreading it to another partner is very likely to happen. if you are not and have never been tested before for Syphilis then it is only best that you accomplish the sets of tests as soon… Read More »

At home Herpes Test from CVS

Herpes present many forms of symptoms depending on the person, their activities and also their immune system. This results also in different stages of herpes if in fact the person is infected by it. Until today it is not possible to run tests alone without the assistance of professional care and procedures. They need to… Read More »