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If you are someone who is sexually active and feel embarrassed to go for the STD test, you might interested to choose over the counter STD test CVS. The STD test is an important thing because you will be at risk of the serious diseases. But if you feel that you can’t go to the clinic by yourself, you might want to tray the available over the counter STD test CVS or try to order the STD test online. With Online STD Test, like STD Test Express service, you only need to fill information online anonymously, drop samples in nearby clinic (don’t worry, they won’t ask what are you doing and people don’t know you’re there for STD test) and get result at 3 day maximum (in some case, you even can get same day result!). Moreover, the bill would be covered by insurance while doing anonyomous STD test!

Does the STD Test Covered by Insurance? How much it cost?

Unfortunately, till now CVS doesn’t provide over the counter STD CVS Option in all their store. That means you should test yourself in nearby clinic which could be embarrassing. But thanks god to the Internet, you can do At home STD Test without CVS and it’s completely anonymous! You just need to fill all sensitive information online (not over the counter), come to nearby test lab (which is anonymous because lots of people come there and they won’t know you’re there to check STD) and get the result online within 3 days. Or you can get option to get STD Test Kits sent to you – so you can collect your sample at home and conveniently and mail back the samples – you can get the result within 3-5 business days. For More information just visit STD Test Express Website or read more  about STD test express review here

If you choose to test your STD in STDtestexpress.com, you would get covered by insurance as STDTestExpress.com was the only online STD testing that accept insurance plan. You could compare with other online STD test or traditional STD test; mostly they didn’t accept insurance. The cost of STD test on STDTestExpress.com was between USD 79-249. While the cost wasn’t the cheapest, it would become the most affordable test as you could get covered by insurance.

What Kind of STD Test Available in STD Test Express?

In STD test Express , they offered various STD test and all of the test could be done anonymously and you will get result in your home. Moreover, STD test Express was covered by insurance! Here are the STD tests offered by STD test express:

  • Chlamydia
  • Herpes 1
  • Gonorrhea
  • Herpes 2
  • Hepatitis B
  • HIV
  • Hepatitis C
  • Syphilis

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