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STD test is important, if you’re sexually active. By doing this test, you can avoid many kinds of disease that can attack your sex organ. That means you will get better sexual life. To get STD test, there’re two options you can choose. You can buy over the counter std test or visiting test center to get help from the professional. However, until now I haven’t found any reliable over the counter STD test, especially over the counter Pharmacy like CVS or Wallgreen . STD Test is not like pregnancy that you need to collect samples and get the result instantly – In STD Test, the samples actually needed to take to Laboratory.

The over the counter std test seems save you lot of money and time. You just need to go to the pharmacy store, buy the STD home kits and it’s done. But, over the counter std test is also has some risk. As we all know if you buy it from the counter that means you will use it on yourself by yourself. The success of this test is also low. You might also do it in wrong way that can give you more problems. On the other hand, if you visit test center and use help from professional, you will get help to do the test correctly. The result is also accurate, plus you will get the information about what you can do with the result.

So, we can say that over the counter std test isn’t best option you can get. It can only useful, if in your area there’s no professional that can help you to do STD test. However, if you want to do STD Test from home, I highly recommend you to get Discreet STD Package From STD Test Express (read our review here). That way, you can conveniently collect samples in home, send it with mail, and get result within 3-5 business day – right from your computer so you don’t need to meet anyone in order to get STD tested. Your samples will be analyzed with professional Lab – and you will get really accurate result. Get USD $25 Discount For Any STD Test Plan


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