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STD Testing During Pregnancy

STD (sexual transmitted diseases) is certainly a nightmare for all people because of the fatal risk of the diseases and the easily spread character. STD can spread through sexual intercourse, making love orally, as well as the breastfeeding and needle sharing with those who suffer certain STD. If you ever had contact with STD sufferers

Buy STD Medication Online

Sexual health is crucial to keep well since we don’t want to spread it to our beloved one. The best idea is just protecting you yourself by always making love safely, because all kinds of sexual diseases can spread through unprotected sexual intercourse as well as the oral one. There are some kinds of STD

Accurate HIV Home Testing Kit

Since HIV test is now regarded as a common procedure, many test procedures or kits are developed to give more practical procedures while increasing the accuracy of result. HIV home testing kits are non-invasive and commonly used for testing antibodies and HIV-1. These kits usually only involve taking some drops of blood, oral fluid from

Why We Must Break STD Tests Stigma

Sexually Transmitted Disease can affect many aspects of life. They can affect marriage, pregnancy, social life, and of course your general health. Disease like HIV/AIDS and gonorrhea often does not show meaningful symptoms until it is too late, and untreated STD can lead to chronic pain, infertility, physical degeneration, and death. Taking STD tests is

Telling Children about Your HIV Test Result

When you are suspicious that you might have contracted HIV, and decide to do the test, the pressure begins. You do not only worry about your future medical ordeal and possible social judgments, but also your family’s feelings toward your condition. Talking to your children will be difficult, especially if they are deemed too young

STD Tests Are Performed

Both man and women need to give extra attention to their health if they are sexually active. It is very important to ensure that they are healthy and free from any kind of sexually transmitted disease that can happen to everyone. This is good to know that we can take STD test in a clinic

Can You Take a STD test at Home?

Some people are eager to know about the STD test or we also call it as sexually transmitted disease. This type of illness becomes a very horrible image for people because it can endanger their life. For those who are sexually active, they should choose the protected one because it can prevent them from this

The STD Test Insurance Coverage

Some young people are sexually active and this is a part of their lifestyle. This is not a wrong thing but to have a safe one is a must thing to do. People can get sexually transmitted infection if they are unprotected so make sure that you young people get protected. The STD test can

Over the Counter STD Test CVS

We all know that sexually transmitted disease or STD test is very important to do to keep us aware about our health. Usually this test can be done in a clinic or hospital and the cost will depend on the tests that need to be done.  Though it is important, still some people think that

STD Testing Without Parents Knowing

As young people we do have to know so many important information things about our sexual health because it plays important role in our life. There are so many diseases that can attack human due to their sexual behavior. So, it will be very important to gain more important information about how to avoid this
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