STD Testing During Pregnancy

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STD (sexual transmitted diseases) is certainly a nightmare for all people because of the fatal risk of the diseases and the easily spread character. STD can spread through sexual intercourse, making love orally, as well as the breastfeeding and needle sharing with those who suffer certain STD. If you ever had contact with STD sufferers that possible you to be infected the same disease, just have a blood test since the first time you find the suspicious symptoms. The STD test is crucial and should be done as soon as possible even during pregnancy. You have to know the disease spread and get the proper treatment soon because you certainly don’t want to transmit the disease to your baby.

The Risks of STD for the Baby with Sufferer Mother 

STD in pregnant woman can infect the baby before, during or after the baby is born. Yet, the most common infection is happened during the last trimester, the birth process, and breastfeeding. That is why a pregnant woman should have STD testing during pregnancy and treatment as soon as possible to not transmit the sexual diseases to the baby. There are many consequences for the baby when the mother is an STD sufferer such as low birth weight, stillbirth, pneumonia, conjunctivitis or eye infection, congenital abnormality like deafness and blindness, brain damage and other neurological damages, severe hepatitis, severe liver diseases, meningitis, and many more. Those risks of diseases infections do not always appear soon after the birth. It is commonly diagnosed in months or even years after the birth.

Online STD Test with Total Privacy Safe               

Most people think that getting infected to sexual transmitted diseases is a great shame. However, even it is a shame; you shouldn’t be shy to have your blood tested and make sure the disease type as well as the stage. Don’t worry because you can use the online STD test to have it from home and do the online processing. As soon as possible after you find the possible symptoms, just do the online test and no one will know about it.

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