By | is a well known site for doing STD test online. Until I write this review, they had performed more than 55.000 STD test. really know what consumers needs. Most of people who suspected to have STD are too embarrassed to see Doctor and get their STD tested. There are some STD test kits at home that sold online, but because it’s not lab and doctor tested, they won’t get accurate result. In, we can get Doctor and Lab STD tested professionally, but we’re doing the STD test at home! How come?

First, call STD Test Express counselor before ordering any STD Test. You don’t need to embarrassed because they don’t know who you are and you don’t need to talk face to face. Instead, they will happily give you suggestion what test you should take, based on your symptoms and sexual behavior.

1. Order STD test online

Then, you need to go to (use this link to get $25 dicscount for Full Panel 8 STD tests) and order test panel. There are several STD test panels on the site, from complete 8 test panel or order individual test panel. I personally recommend you to Get their “STD Test Recommender”. It’s a interactive quiz that will ask about your and your partner sexual life then compile a test recommendation tailored for you. It’s really good to start if you don’t have idea what STD test you need to take.

2. Visit a test center

Second, you need to visit a test center. There are 1.800 test centers affiliated with and you can pick the nearest test centers. Don’t worry, even you need to go to STD test center, your privacy is protected. The test center staffs draw specimens for variety of test everyday and people in waiting are won’t know why you are there. In STD test center, you just need to provide urine and blood sample, then go home.

3. Get STD Test Online

In 2 or 3 business days, you will get result of your online STD test in your email. No data needed, just real result. You will get email from “APG services”, not from doctor, labs or anything that make your partner suspicious with your credit card billing statement. STDtestexpress is highly committed to provide high quality STD test with low cost (about 50% cheaper than Doctor tested STD test), and more importantly: embarrassment free! For more information, call:

By the way, check out this video review from Maria who just take STD test from In Maria case, she just found out that she’s NOT ONLY the one who sleep with her boyfriend. She don’t use protection with her boyfriend, and she also doesn’t know if her boyfriend (umm.. maybe become ex boyfriend??) use protection with that woman too! In such case  she’s in risk having STD. That’s why she get STD tested. If this story ring a bell (I believe there are TONS of case like this) you’re in risk of STD too!

If you interested using to get STD test, Don’t forget to take advantage of this discount!

Get $25 off for Complete STD test

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