Telling Children about Your HIV Test Result

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When you are suspicious that you might have contracted HIV, and decide to do the test, the pressure begins. You do not only worry about your future medical ordeal and possible social judgments, but also your family’s feelings toward your condition. Talking to your children will be difficult, especially if they are deemed too young to understand about HIV. Of course you cannot be sure until your HIV test result comes out, but if it is indeed positive, how to talk about your result to your children? To prepare yourself about the possible outcome, there are some things that you can prepare during your STD test waiting period.

Be honest and informative

Do not let your problem affects how you communicate with your children. It is best for you to do some research about HIV and memorize some common physical symptoms of it, so that you know well what you want to talk about.

Use strategic delivery technique

Children must be aware of correct HIV-related information, but you do not have to disclose overly detailed information if your children are really young. You can tell them about your physical conditions and any possibilities that can show up later. No matter what kind of result you will get, use your STD test waiting period to rehearse your speech, so you will not be unprepared if the result turns out to be positive.

Do not put much pressure

Your children might be more perceptive; they might have noticed meaningful comments or remarks from their friends or neighbors. They might have seen you visiting the doctor repeatedly, or noticed about your deteriorating health. Children’s main concerns are usually about who will take care of them if their parents are not well. Point out that someone will be there to take care of them. Be honest about your condition, but do not put much too much burden to your children. Let them know that they can ask any questions to you, even about your HIV test result, and make sure they know who you have told about your condition.

Remember, do not reveal anything yet during your STD test waiting period, and only make your move when the result happens to be positive.

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