Urine STD Test Accuracy


Everyone who is sexually active is encouraged to do the STD tests in order to have the early treatment for the STD. An early treatment will be good in fighting STD and there are various packages for the STD tests in the various clinics. Amongst all the methods being used to detect STD, urine STD test method is one known to be used often. A lot of people may ask about the urine STD test accuracy. It is important to know about the accuracy of the tests because STD known to be very serious although STD also curable. So how is urine STD test accuracy?

The answer for that question is very accurate. The urine STD test accuracy is especially accurate when used on men. However, it is less accurate when used on women. Why does this condition happen? It is all because the site of infection of STD is in urethra which will get passed by urine. Meanwhile for women, the site of the infection is in cervix and thus will make the infection harder to be detected. The urine in men will collect bacteria on its way passing urethra but not so with women. Urine STD test accuracy in men is highly accurate and recommended to be done.

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