Why We Must Break STD Tests Stigma

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Sexually Transmitted Disease can affect many aspects of life. They can affect marriage, pregnancy, social life, and of course your general health. Disease like HIV/AIDS and gonorrhea often does not show meaningful symptoms until it is too late, and untreated STD can lead to chronic pain, infertility, physical degeneration, and death. Taking STD tests is a recommended STD management; however, the anxiety felt during STD test results time is not the only problem. Since people with STD are commonly suffered from social stigma, someone who deliberately taking STD tests usually gets the same stigma.

STD tests are common procedures

STD tests upon disease such as HIV, gonorrhea, Chlamydia and herpes are now common procedures, and can be taken even by people who do not have risky sexual behaviors. Taking STD tests is a form of prevention, and is recommended for various reasons such as a pre-marriage or pregnancy screening system, a mean to check the condition of donated blood or organs, and a part of mass observation program upon epidemic risks.

STD tests are easy-to-do

Most of common STD tests are inexpensive and have short STD test results time, even in the matter of minutes. Now, STD home testing kits such as HBHTC for HIV are available as the form of rapid, confidential tests.

STD tests are confidential

STD tests are confidential in nature, and doctors usually do not put the name of patient on his or her test result form if the result is positive. Others allow the patient to use fake names when he or she is called while at the hospital waiting room. Thankfully, growing sources of information about STD and the importance of taking STD test have multiplied the numbers of people who are willing to do this form of early diagnostic.

By understanding the possible risks of untreated STD and the importance of early diagnostic, people hopefully could be less judging about STD test taking, and could prevent future medical problems or giving unconditional support to friends or relatives who are in the middle of anxiety during STD test results time.

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